The medical facts on DUI

Driving under the influence is not only a serious legal offense, but it can also be deadly. As a result, law enforcement has been trying for years to devise a way to educate young people as to the potential dangers of DUI, but many have unfortunately failed – until now. Today, police and sheriff’s departments are working with lawyers in Dallas and offices have a new weapon in the fight to help young people understand the consequences of driving under the influence – DUI simulators.

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What Are DUI Simulators?

A DUI simulator pits users against a carefully programmed computer simulation that models the effects of drunk or intoxicated driving.

Users sit behind a steering wheel that is surrounded by computer monitors, and
these monitors display a real-world driving scenario in which the “driver” is faced with the effects of intoxicated driving, including slowed response times and the inability to accurately pilot a vehicle. Those simulators have been employed across the country to educate young people and experienced drivers alike as to how difficult it can be to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of an intoxicating substance.

How effective are These Simulators?

Afterwards, virtually all students claimed that the simulator was much more difficult to navigate than they had originally believed, and many students who took part also claimed that the event had opened their eyes to the potential risks associated with driving under the influence.

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The Outcome of DUI Simulators

DUI simulators have been shown to reduce the number of intoxicated drivers in certain communities. They have also been proven to alter the behavior of drivers, both young and old alike, and many law enforcement officers in communities that have used DUI simulators have gone on record to say that they believe that these simulators have made a large impact on the decisions of drivers within their communities.

If you’ve Been Charged with a DUI

Being charged with a DUI is never a fun experience, and it can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, and in some cases, your life or the lives of others. While you should never find yourself in a position to be charged with a DUI, if you are and you know that you’re not guilty, the best course of action may be to contact a DUI attorney in Naples. They can investigate the facts surrounding your arrest, and if needed.

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Whether you’ve had the chance to experience a DUI simulator or not, always remember that driving under the influence can not only cause the loss of your license, but it may also cause the loss of your life or the lives of others. If you’ve been drinking while out with friends, family, co-workers or others, always have a designated driver available to make sure that you arrive home safely. If you’re unable to find a designated driver, consider using public transportation, taxi cabs or a phone call to a friend instead. Intoxicated driving simply isn’t worth it, so don’t risk it – never get behind the wheel if you’ve had too much to drink!

These are tests like walking a straight line, saying your alphabets, counting backward from 20, touching your nose with your eyes closed, and about a million other motor skills tests. Be polite, but decline to take these. Tell them your lawyer and your brother-in-law or uncle who is a cop told you not to. The reason that you do this is that while everyone knows they are biased and flawed, they will most likely be filmed and will be used in your trial if you take them. So just do yourself a favor and don’t give the prosecutor any extra ammo to use against you.

Chemical Tests: You Have to Take One

When you got your driver’s license, you gave your consent to be tested if suspected of drunk driving. So you have to take either a blood, urine, or breath test. If you don’t, they will fine you and take your license, even if you are later found to be innocent of the charge. So don’t refuse one of these. But don’t just take any of them, take the blood test. The blood test takes longer to arrange, requires more time from the arresting officers, and has a chain of custody issues that all play in your favor. Urine is a close second, and the breath test is terrible.