Finding correct word while writing a fantastic novel

A word used correctly conveys a lot of meaning. The meaning of a word changes in accordance to the context and there are multiple words that can be used in a particular situation. So it is becomes imperative that the right word is used while communicating, whether it is spoken word or a written one. If you are amidst a great speech or writing a fantastic novel a right word at the right time makes all the difference. Finding right words especially becomes a challenge when you are writing something. When you write, the receptive audience i.e. the readers are not visible and many read at a different point of time, under different circumstances. The only connect between you – the writer and they – the readers is the written word. A writer should be able to convey the intent effectively to the reader through the words. Therefore finding and using the right word is very important when something is written.

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Finding the right words might not always be an easy task. A writer should be able to come with the perfect words and a combination of these words such that he can take the reader away from the limitations around into the world which the writer builds. This becomes especially important when a piece of fiction is being written. The usage of the right words makes all the difference between writing a fantastic novel and an ordinary one. There are many instances when the writer gets stuck up in finding the words. It is generally referred to as writer’s block. A good writer understands that this is part of the whole process of writing and does not compromise on choosing any word to keep going but is in continuous perusal in finding the right word which would fit in that context. These phases can draining and do last varied periods of time, but a good writer persists and searches for the words which make the fit. There are some things that the writer can do when one finds in that situation which could be helpful in coming out of it by finding the right words. Let us look at few of these which the writer can try and continue the journey in writing a fantastic novel.

As stated earlier, the best way to pass this phase is being patient. Being impatient or getting into a fit of hurry will only reduce your chances of coming up with the words you need. There are higher chances that the words which strike your mind first are not the right ones for the context but appear to be so in view of the urgency your mind is being put through. So ensure that you are patient through these phases and keep pursuing your search of finding the right word. So once a writer understands this and decides to be patient, avenues would open up to search the right sources and use the right techniques which would be helpful to find the word.

One of the first sources, you ought to be looking at is the dictionary. There is no better place to find all the words with the meanings including the context apart from the dictionary. Make sure that you have gone through the dictionary and understand the words in that. This would help you to decide what the right word to be used is. There is a pitfall that one ought to be careful when searching for the right word i.e. synonyms. Along with the dictionary, a thesaurus is the most sought out option to find the word. Taking this path could prove to be not so good decision and might risk the prospect of coming up a great write up or writing a fantastic novel. Having a good understanding of the connotations would help you to effectively use the thesaurus and identify the right word; else it is always advised to keep the thesaurus away.

The effective way to do right is not to do wrong. Similarly the best way to find the right word is to eliminate with wrong ones. There are many forms of wrong words, if understood and eliminated would help you to write more effectively. One of the most important wrong ones you would want to eliminate are the common pet words that you are used.

They happen to a carry off from our oral communication which we use as a filler
or could be words you generally tend to repeat frequently while writing.
Indentify such words and try eliminating them. Other words which would do more harm than good are the fancier ones. Not everyone is a connoisseur of
vocabulary like you, and many would understand simpler words. Try to identify
simpler alternatives, this would help to better connect with the reader.

Another aspect which could be the most important one is a general tendency of the writer. A writer tends to read with eyes but not listen with ears, what is being written. A good writer understand the importance of this and makes an attempt to be the listener of what is being written which would help to bring in the reader’s perspective. This helps in finding those right words for the reader rather than the once writer fancies to be the right word.


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